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Buying a firearm online can be super confusing, and we’re here to help! Before doing so, there are a few things to keep in mind:

You cannot have a firearm shipped directly to you, unless you are an FFL (Federal Firearms License) Dealer. If you are not an FFL, then all firearm orders must be shipped directly to an FFL.

Some firearm purchase laws and regulations may differ from state to state in addition to the foundational federal law. Please know your local laws and regulations before ordering. Sentry Ammo will not knowingly sell a firearm where prohibited.

Per the BATFE: Purchasing a gun for someone who is prohibited by law from possessing one, or for someone who does not want his or her name associated with the transaction, is a “straw purchase,” a Federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. Ready To Begin? The Steps To Buying A Gun Online Are As Follows:

1: Locate an FFL.

In order to lawfully purchase a firearm online, it must be transferred to an FFL. Please use our FFL Finder to find one near you, or simply search online “FFLs near me”. Once you have located an FFL that you would like to work with, you must confirm that the FFL is currently willing to accept transfers. FFLs may also charge a transfer fee, so make sure that their fee is reasonable for you.

2: Arrange a firearm transfer with the FFL.

Inform the FFL that you are planning to purchase a firearm from an online retailer and that you need it to be transferred to an individual (AKA, yourself). Your FFL may need your legal name and contact information in order to reach out once the firearm is shipped and delivered to the FFL. If needed, your FFL will send a copy of their FFL to us to keep on file.

3: Purchase the firearm online.

Add the firearm to your cart and proceed to checkout. Please use the FFL’s current address for the shipping address, as well as the FFL’s business name as the company name. REMEMBER: UNLESS YOU ARE AN FFL YOURSELF, YOU CANNOT HAVE FIREARMS SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU.

4: Complete firearm transfer with FFL.

Once the FFL receives your firearm, you will be contacted in order to complete the transfer. Don’t forget to bring a valid government issued ID that must have your photo, legal name, residence address, and date of birth (no exceptions, per the BATFE). You will be required to complete an ATF Firearm Transaction Record Form (Form 4473), which will “determine whether you are prohibited by Federal or State law from receiving a firearm” and you may also have to undergo a background check.

5: Go home with your new firearm!

After completing your Form 4473 and background check, your FFL should receive a response allowing them to complete your transfer. If so, congratulations - you are now officially the proud owner of a new firearm!